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Residential work is done with several goals in mind. Of course, it needs to suit the needs of the family. Just as important, though, is that the new work is compatible with the existing house. The greatest compliment I've received was when a guest was surprised that the completed addition was not part of the original design. A third concern is that the house feels right in the neighborhood. Lastly, is a concern for the planet. There are numerous technologies that can save or even produce energy, many of which have been incorporated in my designs.


Another important distinction is allowing the client to see what they're getting. Either on the computer or by hand, having a 3D drawing to explain the design is part of every project. 


The McCutcheon Residence has been awarded Gold Status; the highest award for green residential design. The project include photovoltaic panels, rainwater harvest, a well-insulated envelope and more efficient mechanical systems. 

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